1.5 So. Many. Birthdays!

Hey there! And sorry for taking so long to come back! I got really caught into other challenges and RL stuff, and that's not a good combination for blogging xD But anyway, after taking this little break from the Novaks, I'm ready to go back into this challenge! So join me in! Last chapter we … Continue reading 1.5 So. Many. Birthdays!


1.4 New friend!

Hello there! It's been a while, but niow that SimNaNo is officially over, I can return to my other saves and play around~ and of course, the Novaks had to be the first ones to get some time! Last time Aiden and Janelle traveled to Selvadorada for the first time, and while being there things … Continue reading 1.4 New friend!

Founding Generation: Aiden

Main Sim: Aiden Novak Marital Status: Couple. Secondary Sim/s: Janelle Novak (Spouse) Primary Career: Bussiness (Managment) – No additional money-making opportunities. Secondary Career: (JA) Treasure Hunter - Go on adventures to find simoleons, Omiscan treasures, relics, artifacts, and fossils to sell or keep.  Note:  Only items you find within temples or through pop-up quests can be sold.  If you … Continue reading Founding Generation: Aiden