1.9 Wrappin’ it up!

Hey there! It's been a while since we saw eachother! Have you been missing the Novaks? Because I know I have! So yeah, my game went a little crazy on me a couple weeks ago lol so I had to take an unwanted break from it. This was actually the last family I played, this … Continue reading 1.9 Wrappin’ it up!

1.8 Beach fun

Hello there! Welcome back to another chapter of the Novak Random Legacy Challenge! Last time we played all the way yo Zac's teen birthday! We had selvadoradian adventures, puppy cuteness and celebrated Winterfest, it was a pretty busy week for the Novaks! Today we're diving right into teen shanenigans, and probably lots more of puppy … Continue reading 1.8 Beach fun

Founding Generation: Aiden

Main Sim: Aiden Novak Marital Status: Couple. Secondary Sim/s: Janelle Novak (Spouse) Primary Career: Bussiness (Managment) – No additional money-making opportunities. Secondary Career: (JA) Treasure Hunter - Go on adventures to find simoleons, Omiscan treasures, relics, artifacts, and fossils to sell or keep.  Note:  Only items you find within temples or through pop-up quests can be sold.  If you … Continue reading Founding Generation: Aiden