1.3 Travels and deliveries

Hello! And welcome back to the Novak random legacy! After I took a little break to play some other saves I'm ready to dive back into this, so buckle up guys, this update is going to bring some news *wink* Las time we finished our first trip to Selvadorada, so we start with the Novaks … Continue reading 1.3 Travels and deliveries


1.2 The “joys” of pets

Janelle is trying to teach Fidget some tricks! She's a very smart dog. Smart but also quite a troublemaker. Turns out that because of the way I added her to the household (or at least that's what I believe that caused it), Fidget can't have bad behaviors trained out *heavy sight* there's never any option … Continue reading 1.2 The “joys” of pets

Founding Generation: Aiden

Main Sim: Aiden Novak Marital Status: Couple. Secondary Sim/s: Janelle Novak (Spouse) Primary Career: Bussiness (Managment) – No additional money-making opportunities. Secondary Career: (JA) Treasure Hunter - Go on adventures to find simoleons, Omiscan treasures, relics, artifacts, and fossils to sell or keep.  Note:  Only items you find within temples or through pop-up quests can be sold.  If you … Continue reading Founding Generation: Aiden